aimes is the Kolkata based Automated Institute Management Enterprise Solution maintain by the Infotech Lab. AIMES introduces a complete ERP solution integrating all the department of the institute with a modular approach. The integrated modules are ready to use by various departments of the institute and give the freedom to the user to access the essence of the system with proper inter modular data exchange and data sharing on behalf of control of the administrative bird eye.AIMES ERP solution has been separately conceived for Schools – College/ High/Management Schools – Universities.As different level of educational institute works on different administrative & educational process which gives power to Administrators, Management Team, Institute Employee, Teachers, Students, Parent. Keeping in mind this nature of working of different type of educational institutes AIMES ERP Team has developed different versions of AIMES.

AIMES is developed on the latest Microsoft technology platform, as the technology gets updated new versions of AIMES will be available in the market from time to time. The client can upgrade the solution that he has and get the benefits of the new versions at discounted cost.AIMES helps the organization to cut down working hours of the staff and increases their efficiency, therefore the staff can use that time for other important academic works and welfare of students and supporting management. Also with AIMES 80% of expense of the organization on stationary is reduced. Thus, we guarantee that AIMES cost is recovered within the first 6 months of implementation in the organization.One of the major plus points of AIMES is that it is made on a modular approach. Your organization can decide and purchase the complete ERP or only the modules that they need. When the organization feels that they need more modules as per the expansion of the organization, new modules can be purchased and added easily without disturbing the existing data or modules.The reporting format of AIMES is very flexible and the reports can be easily exported into formats like .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf etc.


online admission system

student management system

library management system

financial accounting

store management

document management system

payroll system

website developement

institute mail solution
(g suite)

sms service

online education system (moodle)

digital marketing


  • academic modules
  • admistrative modules
  • finance modules
  • web portal









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